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"time must needs run backward, and since it will not, we must stir our way onward mixing as we go, disorder out of disorder into disorder until pink is complete, unchanging and unchangeable, and we are done with it forever."

today i tried to be a good daughter by ironing my clothes and then i burned myself oops

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so I feel like if I actually type out a list of everything I need to do this break I might actually do it so here goes:

-read IRE book
-write IRE paper rough draft
-write IRE final
-write APUSH rough draft
-write APUSH final
-write APUSH review sheet

-read Frankenstein

-read Ch. 36

-read Ch. 37

-read Ch. 38

-read Ch. 39

-read Ch. 40

-pres. assessment Truman

-pres. assessment Eisenhower

-pres. assessment Kennedy

-pres. assessment Johnson

-pres. assessment Nixon

-pres. assessment Ford

-pres. assessment Carter

-pres. assessment Reagan

-pres. assessment Bush

-pres. assessment Clinton

-religion presentation
-Spanish notes
-Spanish presentation
-Spanish hwk
-math AP review
-physics ibook problems
-physics worksheets
-ap computer science review
-APUSH review
-finish online training for kaiser
-sign up for a kaiser appt
-practice driving

I’ll probably keep adding stuff to this as the break goes on.. sighhhhh

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once in Spanish class someone asked my teacher “Is problema masculine or feminine?” and she said “Masculine, because problems are always male” and that was probably the greatest thing I’ve heard to this date

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also there was a pro life protest at my school today and the principal made a statement saying that the school does not support abortion #thisisthefucking21stcentury

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I’m obsessed with grapefruit

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also when im home alone i blast hindi music really loudly bc i feel like my parents judge me when theyre around

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also I hate how teachers are like “ok this is a big project so I’m gonna have things due throughout” because let’s be real you’re not helping us you’re just giving us more work to bs
aka gotta go start English bye

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also most people are rebellious when they’re home alone and then there’s me sitting on my couch chipping off my nail polish in peace

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how much do you wanna bet that I can finish all my hwk/ap shit during break and also catch up on teen wolf
or maybe just catch up on teen wolf
id probably put money on the second one

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I have so much to do this spring break I am going to explode

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it’s officially time to start wearing shorts at home instead of sweats!!!!

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officially done with the SAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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