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"time must needs run backward, and since it will not, we must stir our way onward mixing as we go, disorder out of disorder into disorder until pink is complete, unchanging and unchangeable, and we are done with it forever."--Arcadia, the book for English I never read

you can tell so much about a person from the analogies they use to describe things
like that one kid in my philosophy class who used a goat to represent our perception of reality

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all these guys holding up #heforshe signs but how many of them still laugh at sexist jokes hmmmm

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oh my god it’s raining!!!!!!!!

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my eyeshadow though 👌

TODAY IS OVER and I am soo relieved omg but I still have so much work to do :(((((( but I’m still feeling so good rn bc I think i might have not failed my ap physics test which is a change for once 👍👍

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a little over a month of senior year is over ( :O )

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tbh i always used to think the kardashians were a joke but after watching kuwtk i have so much respect for them

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it’s so nice to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen for months

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ugh I have literally had it with the speech and debate team I am so not going to miss this

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I’m so hungry and my parents are gone halp

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hyperventilating because someone just made the class of 2015 college decisions page on facebook 

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for these past few days I’ve been eating a lot of pizza and i was freaking out today because i had pizza at 3 and i didnt feel hungry again till 10 and i think its messing with my system :/

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omg so yesterday was my last first rally AND senior drive in and this is so crazy because I remember watching the drive in last year thinking that that was the last time I would watch it as a part of the audience and I remember when I was a freshman and everyone was yelling “go home freshmen” at us and !!!!!!!!! I just can’t believe that this is ending

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in other news the sky looked fabulous a few days ago

my sister snapchats me for geometry help omg