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"time must needs run backward, and since it will not, we must stir our way onward mixing as we go, disorder out of disorder into disorder until pink is complete, unchanging and unchangeable, and we are done with it forever."--Arcadia, the book for English I never read

Kay guys I’m going away for the next week and I’ll have no internet so I won’t be posting (and hopefully I’ll live)

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oops the other post was supposed to have more

the view from the west coast’s largest Ferris wheel (oh my god)

cleaning out your itunes library is so refreshing but at the same time it feels like you’re deleting memories

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japanese things are sooo cool

my sister has a japanese friend who always brings cool food/games and stuff whenever she comes over

im so jealous

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if you would rather donate your money to help animals instead of people then your priorities are very very messed up

whaaat why are so many airplane related incidents happening right now?

im going to be good now and tag everything I post
(also I finally updated the code on my blog so that tags show up all pretty)

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doing this six selfie thing because I need to do something with these selfies sigh
tagging anyone who hasn’t done this yet including simrunning and mccallmecutie go do this guys

also drunk Hanna is my fave

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Caleb looks so hot now I just can’t
he’s the only reason I still watch this show tbh

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I just tried double tapping someone’s snapchat to like it
I need help

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also I had a weird ass dream last night

I was at the airport with a friend and someone snuck a large bottle of beer into my backpack and we saw it just as we got up to go board the plane so I ran to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet and when I came back I found out that alcohol in the sewer system can make really bad things happen and then we all exploded

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someone bake me chocolate chip cookies

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